This one is for those seeking a totally new and never-tried-before experience. When visting the event last year in Berlin, New York Times reported Taste the Doom as "somewhere between a wine tasting and a Black Mass". Taste the Doom takes you into a world of great whiskies accompanied by the sludgy, downtuned and slow guitars of the doom rock/metal universe. When tried and tasted together it all makes perfect sense. 

Price includes 2 hours of music, whisky-talks/introductions and at least 5 drams of fine whisky. The event will be in english - presented by Taste the Doom's soundartist Lars Lundehave Hansen (DK) and electronican musian Peter Votava (A). Only limited seats and additional admission: 200 kr. Find your tickets. 

Whisky menu:
Glentauchers 11yrs Warehouse no. 8
- Welburn/Mortals 

Flóki Young Malt
- Usnea - Healing Through Death 

Longmorn 16yrs Dun Bhegan 
- Spacebong - (Intro) Utopia P

Bowmore 9yrs Berrys Own Selection
- Conan - Altar Of Grief + Crown Of Talons P

Caol Ila 12 CS Gordon Macphail
- Old Witch - God Ov Wolves 
- Rorcal - Vilagvege

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